Thursday, December 1, 2011

On the Things that Distract Me from Writing

Hello, Blogland! Here's my effort to continue making actual posts. So today I gave away my shift at work with the intention of getting a lot of writing done for school. Because my final packet of the semester is due in exactly one week. And this month I was supposed to write 40 new pages of my novel. As of right now I have 7. I didn't slack off the whole time, though. I did read a lot of wonderful books. But I've been having trouble focusing on my writing. Mostly because I'm a little stuck for what to write. But also because, apparently, I'm easily distractable. There's just too many things out there in Internetland that have the potential to excite me.

So today I've found a nice place to sit with my laptop and my headphones where the lovely Florida sun is shining on me. And I'm making turtle-like progress. And I thought, "Hey, I should write about the things that are distracting me!" Which, in reality, is just another form of distraction/procrastination/djflksdajflsdj. But anyway, here it is.

Things That are Currently Distracting Me From Writing:

1. Blogger (obviously)
2.  Words With Friends (I just made "quoth" for 74 points!)
3. Nerdfighters on YouTube (especially Kristina Horner)
4. My new YouTube channel that my friend and I made to keep in regular contact with one another now that we're living far apart (just put up my first video and discovered that I like talking to myself and also watching myself talking to myself) ((no link because people really don't need to see that))
5. Awesome music on Pandora that's supposed to keep me in the writing zone (but really breaks me out of it every few minutes when I have to scribble down the name of a new song)
6. This crazy 20 questions computer thing that is freaky at guessing who you're thinking of. Check it out here. (He even knew Kristina Horner!)

And now I shall go back to my writing. (Maybe.)