Friday, May 20, 2011

Follow Friday with Five Things About Me!

Follow My Book Blog Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee.  Each week she asks a question and everyone leaves their link on her blog. Here's todays:

Q. It's circle time. Time for us to open up and share. Can you tell us FIVE quirky habits or things about you? We all have them...

Yay I love talking about me! Haha. Let's see, I don't know about quirky habits, but I can definitely share five things...

1. I'm addicted to tattoos. And I'm downright terrified of needles except when they're in the tattoo gun. If someone was holding a sewing needle around me, I'd get jumpy. But tattoos are no problem. Everyone keeps telling me to stop getting them because they're going to look bad when I'm older. But I don't think that far ahead! It always surprises people who only see me in a work uniform, or something like that, when they find out I have 7 tattoos. And counting...

Here's a pic of my latest one.
What matters most is
how well you
walk through the
It's a bad picture, but that's my calf. And the quote is from a poem by Charles Bukowski. I'm not really into poetry, but I sort of worship him.

2. I never thought I liked kids or that I would even be good with kids, until my brother adopted two boys. One of them was already a teenager, so I knew I'd be fine with him. But the younger one was only 4 years old. I thought it would be weird having a kid in the house... but then I fell in love with him. He's so smart and funny and sweet. I love hanging out with him and I'd do anything for him. So the idea of babies still freaks me out, but I'm thinking when the time comes, I may want to adopt too.

Here's AJ. Coolest kid ever.

3. I'm a tea-addict. If I took a picture of my kitchen cabinet right now, you'd see that the door won't even shut because the cabinet is overflowing with boxes of tea. I like variety. I have black, green, chai, blackberry, cherry, pumpkin, apple cider, vanilla caramel, etc. And I'm also an insane mug collector. My entire counter is pretty much taken up by mugs, as well as an entire shelf. If anyone goes on vacation, they can always bring me back a mug! I buy them constantly. I especially like the over-sized ones. And anything by Our Name is Mudd will make me smile! My current favorite is by them. It's painted this awesome black and white design, and it says "Single is the new married."

4. This one may count as quirky... I love airports. I love flying too, of course. But I especially love airports. Most people hate the lines and the waiting around. I could do without the lines, sure, but I'm happy any time I'm in an airport. I feel like they're magical. Like they can take you anywhere you want to go. Plus you can shop and eat while you're waiting. And I could entertain myself for any amount of time with a book. Plus I'm a shameless people watcher. It must be the writer in me. I often catch myself staring and eavesdropping. And airports are just filled with so many different people. I love it!

5. I'm obsessed with mix CD's. I make them for every occasion. For each book I'm writing, for exercising, for road trips, for late night walks, for when I'm upset, for when I'm thinking about someone... I make playlists constantly in my iTunes, but then I burn them onto CD's so I can listen to them in my car. I love making them for other people too. On my friends' birthdays, a CD is pretty much guaranteed. I know lots of people probably don't even use CD's anymore, but I'm tech-challenged. And it may be old school, but the key to my heart will always be a mix CD! :)


  1. I love airports too. There is so much to do while at the airport. They have almost anything you can think of. I could spend the whole day- or maybe even a few days in an airport- and never get bored. Love your list. Here's my response:
    happy reading and have a lovely weekend!

  2. This is a fun question. I’m learning so much about everybody and I don’t think most of us are as quirky as we think we are.

    My quirks seem normal enough. As I wrote them I woke up to the fact a lot of my quirks create inner conflicts. I’ve got a lot to think about!

    Follow me Back to my blog and see what quirks I’ve got –

    Howard A. Sherman

  3. Great list! I'm also addicted to tattoos but I only have 3. For now anyway.

  4. Hopping through. New follower! Pumpkin tea sounds interesting. I love herbal teas. Especially chamomile.
    My Hop

  5. Flying with you and Dorey to CA, playing cards while waiting for our flight, totally made me love being at airports. Now I always bring a deck of cards, even to just play solitaire, it's my airport tradition :)